Realtime scaffolding durability and disaster prevention

The challenge

Ensuring scaffolding integrity and preventing unauthorised tampering is a critical concern in Australia’s construction industry. Tampered scaffolds and loose connection points can lead to severe accidents, financial liabilities, and reputational damage.

The solution

A cutting-edge system that combines smart IoT wall tie devices integrated realtime with a robust cloud solution that enables scaffolding durability and disaster prevention. Instant alerts for supervisors of any instability or tampering.

How it works

The wall tie operates through a network of interconnected devices, continuously monitoring their status and communicating feedback to the device gateway. When anomaly is detected, this data is transmitted to the cloud based state machine software and if required the system sends immediate alerts via text and email to site managers, enabling swift intervention to resolve the issue.

The dashboard

The dashboard provides real-time data and statistics through a user-friendly interface, featuring a 2D visual representation of scaffolds and a detailed log of activities/incidents and a guided site configurator.

Mobile application

Effortlessly register devices on AWS IoT Core, gain real-time visual insights into scaffolding durability, and perform comprehensive device health checks—all from one intuitive platform. With our native app, safety management has never been easier.

“idea box delivered a product that satisfied functional requirements and received positive feedback from internal stakeholders. The team effectively executed their responsibilities. Their accessibility streamlined the development process. They provided recommendations to improve overall operations.

I was impressed by the enthusiasm idea box put into the project. They deeply understood our business model and shared insights into how we could improve as a business. We had chemistry and loved working together. Although their team was external, they felt like an internal third-party agency.”

Wayne GaoGeneral Manager