Interactive Mobile Math Learning

The brief

ZipLearn is a dynamic educational platform committed to enhancing math learning for students of all ages. With a focus on interactivity and engagement, ZipLearn sought to develop a mobile app that not only facilitates math learning but also empowers parents and teachers with valuable tools for personalised instruction.


  • Application Architecture
  • UX/Ui Design
  • Web Platform Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Testing

Tailored learning experience

With ZipLearn, users have the unique ability to curate their own tests by selecting specific math topics of interest. This feature empowers users to tailor their learning experience to focus on the concepts they want to reinforce or explore further.

Whether it’s algebra, trigonometry, or statistics, users can choose from a wide range of math topics available on ZipLearn’s platform. This flexibility allows users to create custom tests that align with their learning objectives and preferences.

Exam Distribution for Educators

With ZipLearn’s premium plan, teachers effortlessly distribute exams to their students directly through the platform. This feature saves time and ensures smooth testing experiences. Customisable assessments allow teachers to tailor exams to their curriculum. Real-time insights enable educators to track student progress and provide targeted support, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, parents have the ability to view their child’s progress, promoting transparency and parental involvement in their child’s education.

Content and User Management Portal

The Admin Portal empowers ZipLearn administrators to efficiently manage a pool of subjects and questions accessible to end users. It also enables user and subscriber management to provide user support to ensure the smooth operation of the platform.

“idea box delivered a product that satisfied functional requirements and received positive feedback from internal stakeholders. The team effectively executed their responsibilities. Their accessibility streamlined the development process. They provided recommendations to improve overall operations.

I was impressed by the enthusiasm idea box put into the project. They deeply understood our business model and shared insights into how we could improve as a business. We had chemistry and loved working together. Although their team was external, they felt like an internal third-party agency.”

Wayne GaoGeneral Manager