AI Driven Football Performance Analysis


Talisman is a cutting-edge mobile and web application revolutionising football performance analysis. Designed for football players, coaches, and sports scientists, Talisman integrates wearable technology to capture motion data and heart-rate data during training sessions and matches.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, Talisman provides comprehensive performance analysis, actionable insights, and personalised reports through an intuitive dashboard interface.


  • Application Architecture
  • UX/Ui Design
  • Web Platform Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Testing

Native & web dashboard for AI analysed player performance

Talisman provides a native mobile app and web dashboard for seamless access to AI-analysed player performance data. Coaches and sports scientists can monitor real-time performance metrics, gaining valuable insights into biomechanics, workload, and injury prevention.

Analysing transmitted motion data using AI

Talisman employs a sophisticated technical stack, leveraging AWS IoT Core for seamless data transmission and PyTorch, a powerful machine learning framework, for in-depth analysis of transmitted motion data. Our custom-trained data models meticulously analyse running distance, speed, sprint frequency, and various other performance metrics with unparalleled accuracy.

By harnessing the computational prowess of PyTorch and the scalability of AWS IoT Core, Talisman delivers precise insights into player biomechanics, enabling coaches and sports scientists to optimise training strategies and maximise player performance.

Device connectivity

Talisman seamlessly connects wearable devices and registers them on AWS IoT Core directly from the mobile app. This feature ensures swift and reliable data transmission, empowering coaches and sports scientists with real-time access to player performance metrics for informed decision-making.

Real-time heart rate monitoring

Talisman’s real-time heart rate monitoring feature tracks heart rate data continuously during training and matches. It instantly identifies danger zones where heart rate exceeds safe levels, allowing players and coaches to adjust training intensity and prioritise player safety.

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