Research Management & Automation System

The Problem

“Our processes are too complex for our employees. The business model isn’t scalable.”

MDI Global came to us with the intention to free their researchers from administrative tasks that required high focus and had a high rate of human error.

They acknowledged that it was crucial to automate specific tasks and communications which were preventing the ability to scale business.

The Solution

“We need a system that allows us to automate our study flow, communications & incentives.”

We started this project by setting up camp at our client's premises where we observed their operations closely. Numerous collaborative workshops allowed us to uncover current bottlenecks and business issues.

As a result, we identified the key pain-points to be 'participant communications', 'study flow management' & 'participant incentives'. We improved and automated these by creating a cloud-based and mobile Research Management System.


Configurable Study Flow Automation Module

Every study conducted at MDI Global was unique. Therefore we were required to build a powerful and flexible Automation Module that gave admins (researchers) the ability to configure rules and triggers quickly and easily.

As a result of intense planning, cutting-edge software engineering and lots of testing, this module now works in perfect harmony with the in-built system modules and integrated 3rd-party services.

The secure and user-friendly interface allows easy configuration, and the history component of the module provides valuable participant journey insight.


Participant Segmentation & Survey Distribution Management

One of the system's primary duties was to handle participant survey journeys based on responses, demographics and automation rules.

The Segmentation Module is deeply embedded in the system and plays a significant role in intelligently driving participation.

We custom built the native iOS & Android applications that serve as a participant portal, giving them access to studies, surveys and more.


In-built Chat Feature

We created a tailored chat feature that connects the web portal users (researcher & admins) with participants who use the mobile apps.

The admin chat interface allows creating groups and individual conversation channels where researchers and participants can chat, send files, record and send videos & audios and more. Researchers can create live segments and target a specific audience when creating chat topics or groups.

Admins are able to bulk or individually assign researchers to participants based on languages, availability and more.


Messaging Module

We created a messaging module that allows sending one-off and automated outbound messages to participants.

It allows admins and researchers to create live segments and target the right people for messages.

This module allows sending translated messages via a number of media including:

  • SMS Gateway integration
  • Email distribution
  • Mobile App Push Notification Management
  • In-App Messages

Points-based Incentive Solutions

Our client manages a large number of participants across diverse studies around the world. These participants are compensated with points-based incentives and getting the gamification aspect of the system correct was vital.

We designed and implemented a smart Rewards Manager which handles incentives distribution, whether reward points or gift vouchers. Reward points were later translated into a dollar figure while gift vouchers could be created by admins in the web portal and redeemed by participants in their mobile apps.

The system allows sending one-off and automated rewards to participants based on their contributions to studies.

Phase one has been deployed. It's only been live for 12 months, and we’re already in six or seven countries. We run about seven apps on the platform, and it's responsible now for probably half of our business. We have much bigger expectations for it in the future.

They were recommended to us by a trusted adviser. We put several companies through a rigorous pitch process for a couple of months. idea box stood out ahead of the rest. We liked Adam’s passion and his ability to think things through. He can go away at the end of the day with a problem and come back the next morning with a solution.

Their development expertise and integrity make them a valuable partner.

James Ferguson / MDI Global / CEO

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