Manage Leads, Workforce, Finances & Connect with XERO/MYOB

Biz Buddy is an IOS & cloud-based Workflow Management System. We initially built Biz Buddy for Len McKeown Tree Services so they can operate more efficiently. After testing the software on their own business, the company decided to hire us again to convert the system into a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform.

Biz Buddy is an integrated solution which allows managing leads, dispatch sales reps and contractors in a built-in calendar, manage quotes/invoices/payments and provides a detailed (beta) reports dashboards. The intuitive on site quote / work order builder is supported with video capturing functionality. Easy MYOB and XERO integration allow businesses to continue using the accounting tools they prefer.

We came to idea box 3 years ago to build a management system which works across the buinsess. idea box has far exceeded my expectations to the point where we have been saving 2 hours a day since... The system they have built has paid itself off in 6 months. In the first year of implementation our business has improoved by 30%. We have had great support and we continued to add features. We had a few minor glitches in the early days but were fixed in an hour or so. We have been reliant on the paperless system and never had to shut down for a day due to any technical problems. These tools are the way of the future and these guys are right at the cutting edge idea box has my complete faith. Our relationship will be ongoing.

Len McKeown / Director