A Marketplace and Booking System Built for Coaches & Trainees

Coachys is a map based Coach marketplace & booking system. Coachys.com acts as an escrow service which protects coaches from unexpected cancellations and allows both coaches and trainees to manage their bookings, cancellations & refunds. The challenge with Coachys was the complex subscription/pay-per-booking model, payments and refund structure. The easy to manage admin console allows easy management of all registrations, payments and refunds. The system is integrated with XERO for easy accounting.

The detailed "Payment History" interface which allows detailed insight about payments, cancellations, bookings & invoices. Ease of requesting bookings and managing cancellations makes a great business model and encourages coaches to promote the system. We integrated with an SMS gateway for notifications to enhance communication between coaches and trainees. Utilises Braintree as a payment gateway & PayPal Token payments.