Geolocation Based Fuel Theft Reporting and Alerting System

Drive off alert is designed to identify & report fuel theft. It puts offenders on notice. Its unique lookup service keeps console operators calm and assured. It provides efficient and accurate database management of reported incidents. Record and report incidents in a few simple steps with pictures and videos using Drive Off Alert.

Failure to pay can be made into a shared alert if customers do not keep their word. Shop retains the record and can cancel the alert when payment is received. "Drive-offs in your area" allows petrol stations to keep up to date with latest incidents in their area real time.

Where to begin, it has been an exciting journey the moment I stepped into IdeaBox's office to when I got out with the end product. It's a tough gig in believing in an idea and pursuing it to make a commercially viable product or giving those attributes or shaping it perfectly to pitch to your potential customers. IdeaBox understands and values the idea and asks the right questions before going ahead with it. My core idea remained same but during the development stage, I was able to mould it in such a way that it's more appealing with added attributes. It has been a great experience and look forward to keep working with IdeaBox making my product more sophisticated in coming stages.

Mal Bandyala / Founder