An Expense Tracking App That Gives You the Power Your over Money

Saving 101 is an expense tracking app that gives users power over their money! It allows users to set goals & deadlines, add/schedule expenses and gives historical reports on their progress. Saving 101 also has a smart notification algorithm which sends alerts if they are not on the right path to reaching their goal and also reminds users to update their account every month.

Saving 101 has been built for a local finance company and as an additional service, users are given the option to request support from a consultant (broker) from within the app. The information is stored in a database which gives detailed insight about user's expenses and allows consultants to provide tailored financial advice by looking at the users profile interface.

We engaged Idea Box after careful search and comparing them to other mobile software developers. Their careful and conscientious approach in shaping our concept to an Android and IOS mobile application and their drive to optimise it's performance to that concept showed in the final design and features. Idea Box have given great consideration to the post development process helping to upload and guide us with setting our app up on App Store and Google Play, and we'd recommend them to anyone considering mobile/app development.

Steve Roberts / Director