Fuel Theft Reporting for Petrol Stations & the Police

The Problem

“Police don't chase up fuel theft offenders"

The need for driveoffalert.com.au comes from a perceived lack of police follow-up on fuel theft in recent years.

The ever-growing fuel theft problem was obvious to our client, a petrol station owner, who saw this as a business opportunity. "Police don't like to chase up petrol theft anymore, we need a common database.”

Together we identified the key factors and designed a solution to tackle the issue utilising Cloud & Mobile technologies.

The Solution

Extensive Australian database of Prior Offenders

The Drive off alert application is created for Australian service stations to combat fuel theft. With its unique and patented data analytics, it helps petrol stations prevent drive offs and manage non-payments. Here are some of the features we created:

  • Smart analytics for false plates
  • Large database of past offenders
  • Ease of use for incident reporting
  • ‘Failed to pay’ incident management system
  • Connection to Secure Police portal

Police Portal

Since building the DOA platform, Victoria Police have also found the database's police portal a valuable collaborative tool to identify stolen cars via petrol station camera footage.”

Mal Bandyala


State DB Car & Rego Match Lookup

We integrated search functions with state databases to allow users to identify cars that don’t match their plates, and as a result are likely to have been falsified.


Drive Off Reporting & Failed to Pay Management

The easy to use reporting feature allows petrol station managers to readily create a police report within a user-friendly form.

'Failure to pay' can be made into a shared alert for customers who drive off. Retain the record, then cancel the alert when payment is received as customer incentive.


Fuelic Rego Recognition

Fully-integrated ANPR with drive-off alert system which provides efficient and highly accurate licence plate recognition.

This enables instant look-up with results indicating any past incidents in the database.

GEO Location Services

Serial Drive-Off Offenders in Your Area

This feature puts offenders on display for other petrol stations to see. Our Geolocation enabled service brings the most relevant information based on their area and allows console operators to increase their situational awareness.

Idea Box understands and values the idea and asks the right questions before going ahead with it. It has been a great experience and look forward to keep working with Idea Box.

Mal Bandyala / Founder

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