Case Studies

Wellifiy allows mental health clinics to keep an eye on patients

Wellifiy is a web & mobile platform that connects mental health clinics with their patients once they have been dispatched.

It is a Software as a Service platform with subscription payment method. Wellifiy is created in collaboration with mental health care professionals. It monitors mood, sleep and other valuable information. Also handles medication and appointments. Most importantly assists patients with useful tools (activities), guidance audios/videos and a very caring chatbot that collects valuable patient data seamlessly.

  • Application Architecture
  • UX/Ui Design
  • Web Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Project Management
  • Testing

Intuitive Clinician Dashboard Portal

The intuitive Clinician Dashboard allows mental health practitioners to keep an eye on patient’s condition once they have been discharged. The portal provides critical data such as medication, sleep, mood, correspondence and appointments.

A chatbot who actually cares about you

Meet Joy. Joy is a very caring chatbot that asks all the right questions to get key insights about patient mental wellbeing. This allows patients go through a quick daily mental health review without feeling like they are filling in a boring form or being interrogated.