Fuel Theft Reporting Application

The Problem

“Police don't chase up fuel theft offenders"

The need for driveoffalert.com.au comes from a perceived lack of police follow-up on fuel theft in recent years.

The ever-growing fuel theft problem was obvious to our client, a petrol station owner, who saw this as a business opportunity. “Police don’t like to chase up petrol theft anymore, we need a common database.”

Together we identified the key factors and designed a solution to tackle the issue utilising Cloud & Mobile technologies.

The Solution

Extensive Australian database of Prior Offenders

The Drive off alert application is created for Australian service stations to combat fuel theft. With its unique and patented data analytics, it helps petrol stations prevent drive offs and manage non-payments. Here are some of the features we created:

  • Smart analytics for false plates
  • Large database of past offenders
  • Ease of use for incident reporting
  • ‘Failed to pay’ incident management system
  • Connection to Secure Police portal


Police officers active in our network


Up to 85% Reduced number of incidents with Drive-off-Alert


Fuel stations registered with us


Recovery of actual losses upto 50% with our smart system

"Drive off Alert is a must have System, it has been a great tool in stopping Drive Offs. After only using the system for few months I've noticed a sharp decline in drive offs. From 3-5 drive off a week we are now on a maximum of 2 a week. Even than I will say that by getting staff to check more cars I will be able to cut drive off by more. For me this system become the life saver of my business."

AviramBP Chadstone

"I am currently using drive off alert app on my fuel store its very handy for me to recognise that, vehicle has correct registration or any driven off history. With this app life is so easy now. It saves time and money. This is the great app. I strongly recommend every fuel store should use this app."

Jag7-Eleven Officer East Victoria

"I have two petrol stations, both using the drive off alert app. I feel much safer knowing I can check vehicles registrations or if anyone have driven off before. I highly recommend all petrol stations begin using this app as it helps prevent many problems from occurring."

RickCaltex Chelsea Heights

"It's very great and useful tool for the fuel sites, I personally recommended to few people already. I am very much satisfied with App."

Anand7-Eleven Wantirna

Drive Off Reporting & Failed to Pay Management

The easy to use reporting feature allows petrol station managers to readily create a police report within a user-friendly form.

‘Failure to pay’ can be made into a shared alert for customers who drive off. Retain the record, then cancel the alert when payment is received as customer incentive.


Integration with State Rego Databases

We integrated search functions with state databases to allow users to identify cars that don’t match their plates, and as a result are likely to have been falsified.


Number Plate Recognition with Drive Off Alert™

Fully-integrated ANPR with drive-off alert system which provides efficient and highly accurate licence plate recognition.

This enables instant look-up with results indicating any past incidents in the database.

Police Portal

Co-operation with Law & Enforcement

Since building the DOA platform, Victoria Police have also found the database’s police portal a valuable collaborative tool to identify stolen cars via petrol station camera footage.”

Mal Bandyala

“A big thank you to the Idea Box team for all the hard work they have put in building our mobile and web solution. Despite being a very challenging project the team worked extremely hard to come up with solutions and overall we very happy with the final product which is a great asset to our business - keep up the great work.”

Mal BandyalaDirector