Course Finder Mobile App and Salesforce Integration

The Brief

“Expand user reach and provide a better mobile user experience”

For our client, it was immediately apparent that the end-users of popular online services, such as car sales and real estate, were better delivered within user-friendly native mobile applications.

The challenge was to find an external development team that could create a mobile app that could dynamically adapt to frequently changing course listings.

The Solution

“A smart mobile app that plugs into a complex system architecture”

It didn’t take long for us to come up with a plan and we commenced development of the mobile app within a week.

Working closely with our client’s web development team meant we could also assist them in improving their existing architecture. As a result, we managed to build an integrated and user-friendly mobile application that simply works.

Monetisation with Salesforce

Our client’s core activity is lead generation for TAFE course providers. Needless to say, a high performance Salesforce integration was priority no. 1.

We integrated the mobile app ‘Course Inquiry Forms’ with Salesforce which allows charging TAFE course providers for every lead generated in the mobile app – every time!

This mobile platform created an additional revenue stream for our client.

Identity as a Service

The service provides a universal authentication & authorisation platform for web & mobile applications.

The ‘Auth0’ integration and Mobile SDK allowed us to easily enable user accounts without writing lots of additional back-end code.

Utilising Auth0 enabled rich in-app features such as “My Saved Courses” and paved the way for endless marketing possibilities.

Meaningful User Behaviour Insights

We were keen for our client to get an in-depth understanding of user behaviour in the mobile application.

Google Analytics for Firebase is a free app measurement solution providing data on app usage and user engagement. We created a custom integration for our client to get the full benefit of this functionality.

“Ideabox helped us define the requirements, design, and structure of our application. The team were terrific to work with and we are very happy with the results.”

Wayne GeorgeCIO